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Defined Contribution survey

What will the survey cover?

In association with Clearer Pensions for Housing Associations, the National Housing Federation (“NHF”) have launched a short online survey looking into the Defined Contribution pensions currently being offered by housing associations, including trends and the part it plays in reward.

This high-level results of the survey will be shared by the NHF and give you the opportunity to compare yourself to others within the industry on a variety of topics ranging from auto-enrolment to flexible benefits.

How will you see the results?

The results will be collated and available in three forms:

  • A high level report will be made available by the NHF for its members once the survey has ended.
  • A more in-depth analysis will be published on the Clearer Pensions website, available to view for Clearer Pensions members.
  • A low-cost Clearer Pensions module can be produced for you, which will be tailored to you and your results. This will offer benchmarking, observations and overall thoughts on how your pensions and reward offerings compare with the wider sector.

Please click this link to take part in the survey.