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SHPS valuation module

Clearer Pensions is designed to provide housing associations with access to tailored pension information and advice through an easily accessible online portal, delivered at scale to achieve exceptional value for money. As part of Clearer Pensions, we offer discrete 'Modules' of advice designed to fulfil specific needs, often focused around a current issue.

The SHPS valuation date was 30 September 2017. The decisions organisations need to make off the back of the results and how they make them will depend on their SHPS obligations and their wider business objectives.

We have therefore developed a module that will look into 3 components: Legacy past service, Future service and Defined Contribution. Each component will provide analysis, insight and practical guidance, specific to your organisation. This will be summarised in a clearly presented dashboard.

The module has been designed to help organisations answer the questions that we ask under each area below.

Legacy past service:
-  What is your share of deficit payments?
-  Has the prudence level changed?
-  What is the level of investment risk being taken?
-  Have the liabilities been optimally managed?
-  What can you do about it?

Future service:
-  Will you pass any increases on to your staff?
-  Is the benefit valued by staff?
-  Will you change what you offer?
-  How does the contribution rate compare to staff in other schemes?
-  What are the barriers to change?

Defined Contribution:
-  Are your staff getting value for money?
-  Are your staff offered sufficiently flexible investment and retirement options?
-  Are you happy with the quality of engagement with you and your staff?
-  Is the governance structure appropriate?
-  Is the design inclusive for all?

The components can be selected individually or all together depending on your company's objectives and will include a report and follow up call to discuss the analysis and how to plan a route through to your preferred position.

Purchasing this Module

If you wish to find out more about this module or purchase it, please contact us by calling our helpline on 0800 033 4007 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, please email us at