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LGPS 2019 valuation

Clearer Pensions is designed to provide housing associations with access to tailored pension information and advice through an easily accessible online portal, delivered at scale to achieve exceptional value for money. As part of Clearer Pensions, we offer discrete 'Modules' of advice designed to fulfil specific needs, often focussed around a current issue.

Scope of the module

We will gather data and carry out the following analysis in respect of your participation in your LGPS Fund:

  1. Review your results from the 2016 valuation and any accompanying correspondence
  2. Review the Fund’s current Funding Strategy Statement (FSS) and identify the current approach used for your participation
  3. Estimate your updated funding position in the Fund at a current date - to include an estimate of liabilities and assets under the current FSS (noting that the approach may be opaque so a range may be given)
  4. Highlight the risks of a change in position facing you for the 2019 valuation and beyond (this will include market risk, data risk, basis risk, actuary risk and regulatory risk)
  5. Consider possible objectives for the 31 March 2019 valuation
  6. Identify areas of flexibility potentially open to you, with indicative impact; to include:
    1. financial and demographic assumptions
    2. recovery plan approaches, including the potential of pre-payments
    3. alternative financing options
  7. Set out 2019 valuation process timeline as known
  8. Propose recommended engagement strategy, allowing for results of analysis above

We will deliver our advice in a report and have a call with management to talk through the report and next steps.  

Purchasing this module

If you are not already a Clearer Pensions member and you wish to find out more about this module or purchase it, please contact us by calling our helpline on 0800 033 4007 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, please email us at or use the form on the homepage.