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LGPS Accounting Module

Clearer Pensions is designed to provide housing associations with access to tailored pension information and advice through an easily accessible online portal, delivered at scale to achieve exceptional value for money. As part of Clearer Pensions, we offer discrete 'Modules' of advice designed to fulfil specific needs, often focussed around a current issue.

Your LGPS pension scheme accounting deficit is sensitive to the assumptions you adopt. It is the responsibility of each employer to use assumptions appropriate to its specific profile – your organisation does not have to adopt the default assumptions put forward by your LGPS Fund Actuary.

From a governance perspective you should consider the advice you are receiving, the data being used by your Fund and the circumstances specific to you that could influence your approach.

We have therefore developed an LGPS Accounting Module that will:

  • Assess an indicative acceptable range within which each assumption should fall, specific to your organisation
  • Highlight the extent to which the assumptions proposed by your Fund are prudent or optimistic relative to the wider pensions market
  • If you wish to move away from the Fund’s default assumptions, the module can provide the documentation you need to present to your Fund and your auditor with instructions and justification respectively
  • The module will also set out key governance considerations around advice, data and compliance. Please note, however, that we will not be providing an opinion on compliance. It will include commentary on the increased focus on pensions disclosures and the implications for employers


Please click here to view a detailed scope for the Module.

Purchasing this Module

If you wish to find out more about this module or purchase it, please contact us by calling our helpline on 0113 231 3746 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, please email us at